Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I ordered a fit-PC

I ordered a mini PC to replace my old Linux server.

Ever since I got a Squeezebox network music player a couple of years ago, I've been running a vintage Pentium III desktop PC as a music server. It's currently running the Ubuntu OS (8.04 Server Edition) and is hosting
I also use it to transcode my music files from FLAC to MP3, which it does... slowly but surely.

It's been fine, but is a bit big, noisy and wasteful. So I've been looking for something small, quiet and energy efficient to replace it.

fit-PC SlimI settled on the new fit-PC Slim - a tiny, fanless PC with a 500MHz processor, 512MB RAM and 4-6W power consumption. It should be a drop in replacement for the old box, I hope, with a bit of room to spare.

The stock version comes with a smallish 60GB hard disk, so I ordered the diskless version and will get a bigger disk separately.

I asked them to ship me a cable for the mini RS-232 port, so I can try using the serial console. Which might be fun.

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