Friday, October 10, 2008

Ubuntu USB stick install on fit-PC, part 1

Hard disk installed. Bootable USB stick ready. Here we go...

Following the advice on the fit-PC forum I made the following BIOS settings:
Drive C: Nand Flash | Boot 1st
Drive D: IDE
It booted to the installer from the USB stick. I chose the cli boot option and set it off.

So that's the USB stick part over then, I thought. Just a normal install from here. (Wrong! See part 2 for the gory details.)

The installer's first big question is partitioning. I went with
#1 primary   4GB XFS /
#5 logical 246GB XFS /home
No swap. I can add it later if I need it.

I'm giving XFS a try this time because I might end up storing some ISO files on this disk. It's supposed to be a good file system for large files.

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